How to handle Facebook securely ?

Facebook Logo

Facebook is such a word that doesn’t need any definition. But everyday we are being attacked by millions of viruses right on FACEBOOK itself. In past 10 years Facebook has been one of the fastest world’s growing social networking website. In India, it is the same story. In other words we can say Facebook is a place where people stays and enjoy with their friends.

But we cannot really afford to lose our security or identity for the enjoyment nor can we compromise our best place on the internet. It is also the major platform for every company to drive and show their products or services using the form of Targeted Advertisement. One of the major reason why Facebook is the most popular social networking site of 2012.

But how we protect ourselves from the threats that we find on Facebook ?

Facebook offers a great line of security across each and every profile. It is we who make mistakes and our security is compromised which results in IDENTITY THEFT.  I guess by following some simple and easy steps we can make our presence on Facebook beautiful and more secure.

  1. Please don’t go on creating profiles if you don’t remember or forget the password of your account. Use the Password Recovery options to reset your password. By creating more profile you get vulnerable to more Identity Theft.Capture
  2. Choose your password carefully and always try to make it a combination of alphabets, numbers as well as some special characters. Avoid using mobile phone numbers, date of birth, name or any other common words which could be easily guessed by others.
  3. See for a green bar on the left hand top corner where the browser’s address bar starts or the place where your type “” after logging into your Facebook Account. If you don’t see it you need to enable HTTPS on your Facebook account. Check out this video by LifeHacker to see how to enable HTTPS on your Facebook account.
  4. Don’t install unknown or unnecessary apps on Facebook,
  5. Nothing in this world comes free of cost, so next time you see “Get iPhone for free by clicking a link” be sure that your account might get compromised !
  6. Explore the “Privacy Setting” which you will find just below the “Account Setting” under the account menu to set your privacy options on Pictures, Videos or Wall posts you make.

Surf Securely and enjoy each and every flavors of FACEBOOK because the end of the day FACEBOOK rocks \m/

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