How to learn new foreign Languages free of cost ?


Learning new languages has always been fun. Most of the people around the world who learns new languages needs to pay something to the organisation which could be offline located at some specific place or online. Get ready as I reveal, one of the best technique to enroll yourself in a language learning program and that is also free of cost. But in this case you too will be acting like a teacher and teach the other partner while he/she does the same. As a result, you will learn a foreign language and your partner too.

But how all of these are going to be possible ?

skype-iconWell the answer lies in a software called “SKYPE“. Skype is one of the most popular cross platform messenger service or one can call is as a software meant for chatting provided by the famous software developer “Microsoft”. So here are the few simple easy steps to get yourself enrolled into a free language exchange program.

  1. Download Skype for your PC, MAC, Windows Mobile, Android, iOS or BlackBerry.
  2. Create a new Skype Account and login to Skype using that.
  3. Goto Skype Support Language Learning Community and scan though various posts.
  4. The post are written in the Support Forum as per the Language exchange people wants to make. If you don’t find one or you wish to make your own community you too can write post as per what type of Language exchange you want and within few days you will receive replies. Add these people from the post using the Skype ID they have posted or ask them to add you.
  5. Remember for writing any new post or replying to an existing post you need to login to the Skype Support forum. Every Language Exchange Program you find over there must be free. If anyone charges amount, report it to the forum moderator.

I hope this will help millions of users all across the world to learn new languages everyday. Learning language is so fun. If you find this post useful please don’t forget to Subscribe for most post like this and share it with your friends.

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