Farmville ~ "The age of Digital Farmers"

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Farmville is an online multiplayer game on Facebook which allows you make your own farms. It is so addictive that once you start playing with your friends, you will feel like playing it everyday. Greatest advantage with this game is that you can play it anywhere, anytime on any system. If you have got an iPhone,  it’s a real treat for you; as it too supports Farmville. I became so obsessed by this game, that I had to make a profile picture itself for my Facebook Account. One you start playing, you will feeling like sitting with it all day and night ploughing, seeding, harvesting crops, trees, etc. The main forms of attraction are the cute animals that you either can buy from the market or get as a reward using COINS or FARMVILLE CASH. But what makes FarmVille addictive ?

FarmvillePicsOnce you get a reward and share it, after that it is all about who going to get that unique shared animal or crop faster into their Digital Gift Box. I too have seen people wasting money by converting it into Farmville Cash to buy Limited Edition items just to put and showcase on their farm. Don’t you think that it’s a mere work of addiction ?

It’s good to spend money on games when you buy that original game DVD or download that game from Internet but hello! here you don’t get anything, not even a single digital file you can own. Everything remains with the Farmville developers only.

But Farmville is the only online game that has made me simply go CRAZY ! In a world where Computer games becoming more and more popular, Farmville has a set a milestone for all those online multiplayer game developing company. It’s still one of the best and popular game out there in the market. Hats off to Facebook applications, because without it, Farmville would never have been possible to capture the minds of millions and trillions of people all around the words and it’s still counting…

~ “I am proud to call myself a Digital Farmer”

My Farm My Digital Farm in FarmVille

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