The superpower of Google !

google-logoGoogle is one the major power ruling the world of Internet. A company that has been in the computer industry since 1998 today has completelty changed the way we look at Internet. During early 2000’s when a person couldn’t find a web address, we used to tell him/her to goto search using the name of the website.

Today almost 90% of the people using internet at-least, opens Google’s webpage once in a day. And today if my friends tells me that he cannot find something; I say “Just Google it man”. Google knows everything today, whenever you can’t find Google is your first choice.

But how a proper noun turned into a verb ?
When Google came into the market, yahoo used to rule the world of Search Engines. Simple user interface and the vibrant color made Google more attractive and user-friendly. Moreover where Yahoo email POP3 was a paid service called the “Yahoo Mail Plus“, Google’s was free and even today it’s free. These amazing free online services provided by Google [ such as Picasa, Documents, Books, BloggerGoogle MapsGoogle Mobile Search, etc ] made it more famous which started to draw the attention of people all around the world.


Today Google has acquired famous online services like Youtube and Orkut which made it more powerful. Android OS was big hit for Google, as it has set a milestone in the history of smartphone operating systems. Within 2-3 years Android acquired most of the smartphone users all around the world and the compelling prices of smartphones made it more popular. Android’s is a simplified open-source smartphone operating system that always aims to be simple with the largest amount of applications available in the Google Play which is the market for Android Application for various purposes targeted for various age groups. Being Open source in nature, more than 60% of the Apps comes free of cost.

As days are passing we getting “Googlified” as they affect us everyday direct or indirectly. From Mobile Applications to Online Application Google is the Emperor of the Internet world. Thanks to those all geeks working hard day and night at Google to provide us a Quality Service. Thank You GOOGLE, without you life seems to incomplete.

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