Google Ad-sense – The Master of all Money Making Techniques

Everyone has heard the name of Google and maybe Ad-sense too. While searching over Google or while visiting other websites we often find Google Ads. Google pays us if anyone clicks those ads. Now the main idea of earning money is to place these ads at correct locations over the websites and the amount of area the you allocate for it.

More the amount of ads greater the chances of getting clicked by others. For this you only need a Google Id. Goto to and sign in with your Google Account. If you don’t have click on sign up button which looks like this:


Sign into your account and goto Ad Sense Setup => Allowed Sites. After this you will be allowed to place ads in your blog. You can find the Ad Sense Page element in the BLOG DESIGN section.
The next step is how to place ads in your own website ?
For this you need to goto the AdSense setup and click on Manage Ads. Click on Create a new Adsense Unit. Create an ads unit as per your page size and a html code will be generated. Copy and Paste this code into your website to display these ads.
All credit goes to GOOGLE ADSENSE for giving us such and wonderful opportunity  Thus let us all use it and earn some money online.
There will be another post related to the advance ad-sense setups and how to increase your BLOG or Website traffics to maximize your income. So Stay tuned !!!

NOTE : blogs doesn’t support Ad Sense but supports with the help of Ad-Sense Plugins.

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