A great farewell to greatest cricket maestro Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

Since the days of childhood, I have grown up in a country that smelled cricket around me. It’s so mixed in the air that you would find almost every house tunes into the sports channel whenever there is a live match. Sometimes when these awesome players leaves the field, it hurts deep inside the heart that yet another player has gone and we would no more see him striking those huge 6’s out the stadium. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is one great living legend of Indian Cricket Team. Although I am not a neither die hard fan of Sachin nor the game of cricket but still I love to enjoy the game with a cup of tea along with some local fries.
I knew it was the last time I could see Sachin Tendulkar, and when I got an opportunity to see live with my own eyes at the Eden Gardens Stadium, Kolkata, I was so excited that I even got a photograph of the famous cricket match ticket before even I could go to see the match. Here is a glimpse of it. It was a Test Match between India verses West Indies.

Some memories I will always love to cherish and memories like these, I would love to blog them and share it with millions of people around the world. I don’t know how many people I would reach to though this post but still at the end of the day, Sachin I will really miss you not only watching the game play but those memories that are binded with your name.

Here are some of the awesome links to know more about him.







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