How to reserve the cheapest flight in India ?


Today I will the share the idea of how to get the cheapest flight between the destination that you want to travel within India. By mentioning the word cheapest I actually mean the cheapest flight. Here are some the simple principles I follow:

  1. Know your exact destination.
  2. Keep alternative airports handy, where you can travel. (For e.g. if you want to travel to Pune from Delhi, you might want to search for flight between Mumbai to Delhi, such cities being more popular may end up with a cheaper flight.)
  3. Keep you dates flexible as much as you can.
  4. Try to travel in weekday as the tickets on weekdays are much cheaper than weekend. For e.g. if you want to travel to a holiday destination for a week you may want to start your trip on friday and end it on the upcoming monday in next week as shown in this May 2016 calendar:
  5. Now when the date is fixed next is to start searching for the cheapest fare. ClearTrip fare calendar is the perfect tool to accomplish such a mission. Set the filters first on the left hand side of the page:
    Once you click on the get fares button, your fares should be listed for that month.The dates marked in red are cheapest fare available for that month.
  6. Now as your dates for the travel becomes ready, next you need to search for promo codes.or coupon codes that will lead to a more discounted fare.Search in Google with the following search term:
    1. promo code + “name of your bank” (for e.g. promo code hdfc)
    2. promo code cleartrip goibibo yatra makemytrip airchina via indigo spicejet jet airways
  7. Use the above promo code to proceed with the final booking based the best deal you get,

Please note that always go for a discounted fare. I personally discourage the idea of cash back as most of the cashback earned in the travel websites (like cleartrip, goibibo, yatra, makemytrip, etc) expires after a period of time. And to utilize it will require to book a ticket more than that of the cash back because one can redeem only a small percent of it and now the whole amount at a time.

With experience I found that booking round trip for a single person is much efficient than booking for a single trip or a round trip for 2.

All the best and happy journey !

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