Building Traffic for your blog is simply an amazing platform to blog and one of my favorite web 2.0 blogging platform. Hats off to all those developers at for creating such a marvelous online blogging software with the magic of PHP. It’s truly amazing and I wish that everyone in the world must at-least have one blog.

Now once you make a blog it’s important to popularize your blog so that more and more people all around the country visit your blog. The amount to incoming and outgoing connections that are formed due to visiting your blog is called “TRAFFIC”. Thus the more TRAFFIC you have on your blog stats, the more are your chances to get popular around  the world. Here are some of the simple tricks that has always worked for me. Continue reading

Farmville ~ "The age of Digital Farmers"

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Farmville is an online multiplayer game on Facebook which allows you make your own farms. It is so addictive that once you start playing with your friends, you will feel like playing it everyday. Greatest advantage with this game is that you can play it anywhere, anytime on any system. If you have got an iPhone,  it’s a real treat for you; as it too supports Farmville. I became so obsessed by this game, that I had to make a profile picture itself for my Facebook Account. One you start playing, you will feeling like sitting with it all day and night ploughing, seeding, harvesting crops, trees, etc. The main forms of attraction are the cute animals that you either can buy from the market or get as a reward using COINS or FARMVILLE CASH. But what makes FarmVille addictive ? Continue reading

How to handle Facebook securely ?

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Facebook is such a word that doesn’t need any definition. But everyday we are being attacked by millions of viruses right on FACEBOOK itself. In past 10 years Facebook has been one of the fastest world’s growing social networking website. In India, it is the same story. In other words we can say Facebook is a place where people stays and enjoy with their friends.

But we cannot really afford to lose our security or identity for the enjoyment nor can we compromise our best place on the internet. It is also the major platform for every company to drive and show their products or services using the form of Targeted Advertisement. One of the major reason why Facebook is the most popular social networking site of 2012.

But how we protect ourselves from the threats that we find on Facebook ? Continue reading