The Kalibari Durga Puja Committee -Pune

Kalibari or better kown as Khadki Kali Bari is a devine place situated near Khadki Railway Station. The temple houses an idol of goddes kali. One must visit this place if you come to pune.


The durga puja held on the gounds of Khadki Kali Bari by The Kalibari Durga Puja Committee is one of the best durga puja in Pune. One must visit this place during this puja.

Here is the location on google map:

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Bangiya Sanskriti Samsad – Pune

5 years ago I landed into the city of Pune. Now my second home. But being a Bengali, it was really difficult to spent those days here specially during the puja. Luckily I came across a puja held every year by Bangiya Sanskriti Samsad at the Congress Bhavan Ground. Although it was not very close to what I have seen my childhood days, but still I loved the ambience and the food stalls. One of the major attaction of any Durga Puja for a Bengali.

I have added the location on google map for easy access.

congress bhavan ground

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Google Ad-sense – The Master of all Money Making Techniques

Everyone has heard the name of Google and maybe Ad-sense too. While searching over Google or while visiting other websites we often find Google Ads. Google pays us if anyone clicks those ads. Now the main idea of earning money is to place these ads at correct locations over the websites and the amount of area the you allocate for it.
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Sell your Own Creative Works on Internet

Internet has now become a place where everyone remains connected 24×7 from all across the globe. People like me who always love to be unique and if you are one of them who makes digital products; you too can make a good amount of money from the internet itself.


There are many websites over Internet that allows your to sell your Creative Works. These works may be any real life objects (paintings, pottery art, etc) or digital objects (digital images, digital videos, software, program modules, etc). Sell real life objects maybe a bit difficult but you can always showcase them in your own websites.
The real fun comes into action when you’r selling the digital objects specially if you’r a photographer. Sites like SMUGMUG allows users to put up their creative photos into their website for sell or in sites like FreeMarket you can sell your own digital photos, designs, softwares, ebooks or any kind of file.

Initial popularity is very essential that is why I marked this Technique as a Low Earner [LE], once you get the popularity it can be turned into Medium Earner and even to a High Earning Techniques. For getting the popularity you need to build your website traffic so that more and more people comes and visits your website. Soon there will be an article to show how you can build your website traffic absolutely free.

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The superpower of Google !

google-logoGoogle is one the major power ruling the world of Internet. A company that has been in the computer industry since 1998 today has completelty changed the way we look at Internet. During early 2000’s when a person couldn’t find a web address, we used to tell him/her to goto search using the name of the website.

Today almost 90% of the people using internet at-least, opens Google’s webpage once in a day. And today if my friends tells me that he cannot find something; I say “Just Google it man”. Google knows everything today, whenever you can’t find Google is your first choice.

But how a proper noun turned into a verb ?
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How to learn new foreign Languages free of cost ?


Learning new languages has always been fun. Most of the people around the world who learns new languages needs to pay something to the organisation which could be offline located at some specific place or online. Get ready as I reveal, one of the best technique to enroll yourself in a language learning program and that is also free of cost. But in this case you too will be acting like a teacher and teach the other partner while he/she does the same. As a result, you will learn a foreign language and your partner too.

But how all of these are going to be possible ?
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