The superpower of Google !

google-logoGoogle is one the major power ruling the world of Internet. A company that has been in the computer industry since 1998 today has completelty changed the way we look at Internet. During early 2000’s when a person couldn’t find a web address, we used to tell him/her to goto search using the name of the website.

Today almost 90% of the people using internet at-least, opens Google’s webpage once in a day. And today if my friends tells me that he cannot find something; I say “Just Google it man”. Google knows everything today, whenever you can’t find Google is your first choice.

But how a proper noun turned into a verb ?
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How to remain SECURE on Internet ?

In India still we can find people who are technically challenged and don’t know exactly what they are doing on Internet or what is happening behind their  back. At your back you might be followed by millions of eyes every second. In a world where we are living today on Internet it is not surprising that the world of pirated software infringe our system’s security every second. May be we are responsible for our own security issues and that might be the sole reason why your Antivirus Software that you have bought no more works with your system at 100% efficiency.

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Are we SECURE on Internet in India ?

Firstly I would like to thank the whole team of TechGuru to put up such a great episode about online security. Apart from all of these issues mentioned in the video, I would like to add so more fear into the eyes of the people of India, India is such a country where Google Search Globe shows a continuous activity present almost 24 hours a day.

Google Search Globe Screenshot

Google Search Globe Screenshot

With my past experiences and several series of incidents that I have seen happening within my friends circle is pretty shocking.

I come from a Computer background and using it since 1995. I have seen computers turning from a small child to a young teenager which could be the time right now. And hacking has always been a vital problem with all of the computer systems. At the age of 24 I have seen more than a million attacks experienced by me along with my friends who are even today struggling to make their systems safer.

At the end of the day it is not possible to stop the hackers from stealing information but yes we can become educated so that it is possible to put a lock in our account.

Well what is not mentioned in the video is that viruses have become equally intelligent as we do. Viruses are small codes of programs or in simple words “lines written in computer programming languages that makes a software to harm your systems”. These have later evolved and modified themselves for different purposes which gave birth to Spyware, Malware, Trojans, etc. I am not going into details of these forms of virus as you can find lots of information about them on the internet.

But what makes these viruses nowadays special ?
The answer lies in the self modifying code of these virus which can change from one form to another form to suite the environmental needs of the targeted computer system/mobile device. These viruses, if they seem to get predicted by the any normal Antivirus Software as the intrusion targets, a firewall, or a security software that tries to block it, it changes it’s form instantly. And it continuously struggles with the security software to break the security and enter the device.