The superpower of Google !

google-logoGoogle is one the major power ruling the world of Internet. A company that has been in the computer industry since 1998 today has completelty changed the way we look at Internet. During early 2000’s when a person couldn’t find a web address, we used to tell him/her to goto search using the name of the website.

Today almost 90% of the people using internet at-least, opens Google’s webpage once in a day. And today if my friends tells me that he cannot find something; I say “Just Google it man”. Google knows everything today, whenever you can’t find Google is your first choice.

But how a proper noun turned into a verb ?
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10 Open Source Software that your will ever need to make you life simple !

Opensource can be termed as an initiative to make the software available free of cost by implementing group contribution towards developing it. In an Opensource software the code is provided along with the software where developers can easily modify them to create a new version or improve its performance. Thus in this article we will see some amazing Opensource softwares that has been very popular for a long time and can make your life simple and moreover all of these powerful software comes free of COST !
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